Welcome to Finding Sunlight, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about partner rape and offering support to those affected.

First of all, let me offer you the warmest welcome possible. If you are a survivor, or supporting one, then I am truly sorry for the experiences that have led you here but am pleased that you have found us! I hope that the website will offer you hope, encouragement and information to help you through this time.

To all other visitors, I am also thrilled that you are taking the time to check out Finding Sunlight. Understanding Partner Rape and IPSA (intimate partner sexual assault) is the first step towards change.

Whether you are seeking research information, campaigning tools, educational resources or just general info, I hope you will find what you are looking for. If not, get in touch at contact@findingsunlight.com and hopefully I can help you in your search!

**Please note: the Finding Sunlight blog is currently undergoing maintenance and will be back up and running shortly.**