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Spouter Geyer
Opelescent Pool
Rainbow Spring
Firehole River

So many geysers: Spasmodic Geyser, Sponge Geyser, Spouter Geyser, Spray Geyser, Steady Geyser. And Twig Geyser?

The Firehole River runs along the west side of Yellowstone Park, where you can find most of the geysers in the park. Algae and bacteria, which thrive in the super hot water, create the colors in you see along the river and in the pools in Black Sand Basin.

Spouter Geyser erupts from a blue pool erupts and continues burbing for ten or eleven hours. Then, it goes quiet for an hour or two.

The runoff from Spouter Geyser ponds in the Opelescent Pool, which until the 1950s was a dry pool. Silica, the white substance, coats the ground and the base of the lodgepool pines, killing them.

Steam from Rainbow Spring, a hot spring, rises in the cooler summer air.

To see images of the Yellowstone River Gorge and other river gorges, go to quintascott.com.