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Sunlight Canyon

Rapids at the Canyon Bottom
Sunlight Canyon

Cathedral Cliffs

Sunlight Shadow

Before going to Yellowstone I bought a book on the geology of the park and the surrounding area. In paging through the book, I came across a picture of Sunlight Canyon. I decided I would go there before heading home.

So many people stop there that the State of Montana has built a parking lot next to the bridge over the canyon, one big enough for buses.

Out on the bridge I leaned over the rail and bemoaned the fact that at high noon on a sunny day. the extreme contrast between sun at the top and the dark at the bottom of the canyon. Then I looked down into the canyon and made a photograph of its bottom, deep in shadow.

I raised my camerea and took in the whole landscape, I saw that the canyon meanders across its drainage, before spilling through the rapids.

I switched to the other side of the bridge, and instead of making horizontal images of the Canyon, I turned my camera and took in the canyon, the river, and the Cathedral Cliffs in the distance.

Then I noticed that one side of the canyon casts shadows of the trees on its rim onto the other side.