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Silver Mines

October 8
December 4
January 8
March 15

I was bored. I needed kick myself in the butt and to do something new. I looked at a map of Missouri and picked a place. Silver Mines looked interesting.

I drove south to Fredericktown and further south to D road to Silver Mines. I made a photograph of the St. Francis River, running over igneous rocks, a shut-in. You can tell for the picture, I was timid, afraid to get to close.

At Silver Mines the St. Francis River eroded the soft sedimentary rocks down to the hard igneous rocks. That is the nature of all Missouri shut-ins

We photographers are compulsive. I started documenting shut-ins, but I began ended everyday at Silver Mines. As the weather changed the color of the water changed.

I expanded Silver Mines into a larger project that covered the whole of the Missouri Ozarks.

To see more images of the Missouri Ozarks, go to: missouriozarkphotographs.com.