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North Prairie

April 30 East
April 30 West
May 11 East
June 19 East
June 23 East
May 11 West
June 19 West
June 23 West

I didn't know how North Prairie would turn out for me when I started photographing, first the east side and then the west side of a red shed near New Minden, Illinois. I made about 150 photographs of that shed. I even wore paths to the places I set my camera every time I went, sometimes twice a day. I started when the wheat sprouted and quit at harvest.

If I saw a storm coming up, I checked the Weather Channel to see what weather was headed our way and off I went.

That red shed taught me about color and light, that red isn't always red. When I looked at the proofs, I realized that the best images had very little of the shadow of the roof on the shed. That to be successful the image had to be of the same flat shape against the sky and the wheat.

It was a great exercise that I could only do once. When I tried to repeat it on a white shed and a round grain silo, the images were not nearly as successful as these.