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Finding Sunlight

North Prairie--A Study in Red

April 30E
April 30W
May 19E
June 18E
June 18W
June 23E
June 23W
I wander the landscape for a living. One summer evening I came upon a red shed that sat between two wheat fields. I made my photographs on east side of the shed, on its west side, and went home. The following spring I returned to the shed, where the winter wheat had just begun to sprout. I decided to follow the wheat crop until harvest. Every trip I made I set my camera in preselected spots on the east and west sides of the shed. I even wore a path as I walked through the wheat to each spot. I kept an eye on the sky. If it looked like a storm was brewing, I checked the weather channel. If so, off I went. I made over a hundred trips to the shed, sometimes twice a day.
The project turned into a study in red.
These images work well as singles, in pairs as small prints in the same frame, or side by side as large prints.