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Finding Sunlight

The Mississippi

Wisconsin Delta
False River
Marmande Ridge
Wandering through Mississippi, I stumbled on an old horseshoe lake, once a channel of the Mississippi. I decided to document wetlands the Mississippi created as it ranged across its landscape from its head at Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. From Itasca it flows through a river prairie. At Cohasset the river meanders in a oxbow bend like those on the Lower River, but smaller, observable. Tributaries, like the Wisconsin dump sediment into the Upper Mississippi Gorge, creating horseshoe-shaped islands. Hundreds of years ago the Lower River cut False River in Louisiana off from its main channel, turning it into prime real estate in the twenty-first century. The Deltaic Plain spreads out over southern Louisiana in a series of overlapping deltas. When one delta became too long and too flat, the river created a new one. Marmande Ridge formed on the LaFourche Delta.