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Finding Sunlight

The Gates of Italy

I took a Hasselblad to Italy. Once I got used to its quirks, I loved using it. It makes a square negative. It flips images in the viewfinder horizontally. For ten days I had a blast.
When I got the proof prints back from the lab, I began organizing them in themes: the wonderful Italian cypress trees--unlike anything I had seen in the Mississippi River wetlands--churches, plazas, towers, and gates.
I arrived at the gates at the walled hamlet of Monterigionni at what photographers call the "golden hour," just before sunset. I looked east to the tall arched gate on the west and west to the similar arch on the east. The gate at Seina takes the viewer through to a street, lined with houses. And while the window in the lovely garden at Orvieto is not a gate, like the others it reveals a scene in the distance.