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Gates of Italy
Monterigioni East
Monteriggioni West

I took a Hasselblad to Italy because it was easier to carry than the big 4x5 field camera on its tripod and a bag full of film holders. I could just sling it on my shoulder, stuff film and my light meter in my pocketsr, and go.

I arrived at Castello di Monteriggioni--a Medival hill town in Tuscany, surrounded by a wall--at the magic hour, just before the golden sun disappears over the horizon. The east gate, Porta Fiorentina, looks out on fields. The west gate, Porta Franca, looks out on the rest of the world.

The walled village of Orvieto sits high on a cliff, where a window the wall overlooks the Umbiran Plains.

Modern Siena outgrew its Medival wall. A gate in the wall frames a city street, lined with houses in muted colors.