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The Eads Bridge
East Abutment
Rail Deck-East Approach
Bridge and Coal Barge

Documentary filmaker Charles Guggenheim mounted a camera on the front of a train and ran it across the Eads Bridge. When I saw the film, I knew I would go there some day. I did.

I honeyed up to the East Abutment.

On the inside, I walked to the east end of the bridge, turned around, and made a photograph of the east approach.

I dropped my son off at his school and heard on the radio that a coal barge was buring under the Eads Bridge. I went home, got my camera, drove to the east side, and made an image of the bridge, the city, and the barge. No drama, but a nice image of bridge and city.

I love the way light picks up the dust on the bridge and bleeds through the coupling. The coupling, a complex piece of engineering, connects the round rib that supprts the train deck, to the zig-zag members that hold the ribs together, and the rods that form the wind truss, which also connects the ribs.